Hack Grand Chase History

On this page you can download our hack for Grand Chase History. Our Cheat for Grand Chase History is 100% safe, undetectable and is always updated.

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This Trainer is for the Grand Chase History private server, for other GC servers, click here.

You can download Grand Chase History here.

RedStrikers Trainer Grand Chase History, v1.2.0 - 28/03/2023 see changes here.

Trainer working flawlessly, tested today:

RedStrikers Trainer Grand Chase History


Purchase key and Download

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking here.
  • Your key will be sent automatically to your email after completing the payment, check your spam folder.
  • Refund Policy: You can ask for a full refund within 72 hours of purchasing for any reason. Limited to 1 refund per client.
  • The History Key will unlock all functions for Grand Chase History only, the Global Key will let you use all hacks for all Grand Chase servers.
  • Credit/Debit Card or Crypto (BTC, USDT, ETH etc) payments are supported.
  • $7 USD History key - 1 Month
  • $12 USD Global Key - 1 Month

Free Trial

You can request a free trial key that will be valid for two hours. Simply enter your email (GMAIL addresses only) and press one of the buttons below to share this page. You will get an email with your free trial after you successfully share this page.


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  • Auto Kill: Kill all dungeon monsters automatically, doesn't break the dimensional gate (Dungeon).
  • HP Full: Locks your HP, preventing you from dying (PVP and Dungeon).
  • MP Full: Locks your MP at 4 bars. (PVP and Dungeon).
  • No Cooldown: Removes the cooldown timer of skills (PVP and Dungeon).
  • One Hit: Kills monsters with one hit, use it on dungeons that auto kill doesn't work (Dungeon).
  • Auto Loot: Automatically picks up monster drops (Dungeon).
  • Unlock Dungeons: Unlocks all dungeons and continents regardless of your character's level (Dungeon).
  • Rank SS: Sets dungeon rank to SS, giving a 15% exp boost (Dungeon).
  • Infinite Passives: Makes character passives e.g. Mari's Shield last forever (PVP and Dungeon).
  • Critical 100%: Gives 100% critical strike chance (PVP and Dungeon).
  • Loot Spawn: Drops several items in the first dungeon stage, use it and leave the room. (Dungeon).
  • Advance Time: Adds 20 minutes to the dungeon timer (Dungeon).
  • Speed Hack: Speeds up or slows down the game by the desired factor (PVP and Dungeon).
  • (EXP Hack) Monster Count: Changes the number of monsters spawned in Dimension's Door.
  • (EXP Hack) Spawn Delay: Changes the delay between monsters' spawn in Dimension's Door.
  • (EXP Hack) Monster Id: Changes the id of the monsters spawned in Dimension's Door.
  • (EXP Hack) Monster Level: Changes the level of the monsters in Dimension's Door to your character's level plus 15.

How to use

  • Before downloading, disable Windows Defender and any other antivirus software.
  • Extract the zip file you downloaded.
  • Start Grand Chase and wait until it loads to the select servers screen.
  • Run the file RedStrikers.exe as administrator.
  • Paste your key and press Enable.
  • The cheat will be ready for use, select the functions you want and play.

How to use the EXP Hack

Enter the Dimension Door with Auto Kill disabled. Once inside, activate Auto Kill before the first wave of monsters spawn.



1.2.0 28/03/2023

  • Fixed Auto Kill.

1.1.9 27/03/2023

  • Fixed Auto Kill.

1.1.8 26/03/2023

  • Fixed (EXP Hack) Monster Id.
  • Fixed (EXP Hack) Monster Level.

1.1.7 23/03/2023

  • Fixed MP Full.

1.1.6 23/03/2023

  • Fixed Auto Kill.

1.1.5 27/11/2022

  • Fixed Auto Kill.
  • Fixed HP Full.
  • Fixed MP Full.
  • Fixed Rank SS.

1.1.4 05/11/2022

  • Fixed Auto Loot.
  • Fixed Loot Spawn.
  • Fixed (EXP Hack) Monster Level.

1.1.3 05/11/2022

  • Fixed Auto Kill.
  • Fixed One Hit.

1.1.2 20/08/2022

  • Fixed Auto Kill.
  • Fixed One Hit.
  • Fixed (EXP Hack) Monster Level.

1.1.1 24/06/2022

  • Added Speed Hack.

1.1.0 23/06/2022

  • Added Infinite Passives.
  • Added Critical 100%.
  • Added Auto Loot.
  • Added Unlock Dungeons.
  • Added Loot Spawn.
  • Added Advance Time.
  • Added EXP Hack.

1.0.0 30/05/2022

  • Released.