Hack Grand Chase Classic (Steam)

On this page you can download our hack for Grand Chase Classic (Steam). Our Cheat for Grand Chase Classic (Steam) is 100% safe, undetectable and is always updated.

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RedStrikers Trainer, v2.3.4 - 25/08/2022 see changes here.

Trainer working flawlessly, tested today:

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RedStrikers Trainer Grand Chase Classic

Purchase key and Download

  • You can either subscribe or buy a single key for one month.
  • Your key will be sent automatically to your email after completing payment.
  • The Classic Key will unlock all functions for Grand Chase Classic only, the Global Key will let you use all hacks for all Grand Chase servers.
  • Credit card or Paypal payments are supported.
  • $7 USD Classic key - 1 Month
  • $12 USD Global Key - 1 Month

Videos (In Portuguese)


  • Auto Kill: Kill all dungeon monsters automatically, doesn't break the dimensional gate (Dungeon).
  • HP Full: Locks your HP, preventing you from dying (PVP and Dungeon).
  • MP Full: Locks your MP at 4 bars. (PVP and Dungeon).
  • No Cooldown: Removes the cooldown timer of skills (PVP and Dungeon).
  • One Hit: Kills monsters with one hit, use it on dungeons that auto kill doesn't work (Dungeon).
  • Rank SS: Sets dungeon rank to SS, giving a 15% exp boost (Dungeon).
  • Auto Loot: Picks up all dungeon loot automatically (Dungeon).
  • Mouse Fly: Moves your character to your cursor's position (PVP and Dungeon).
  • Advance Time: Adds 20 minutes to the dungeon timer (Dungeon).
  • Loot Spawn: Makes all dungeon loot spawn in the first stage, use it and leave the dungeon before completing it or it will glitch at the end (Dungeon).
  • Item: Lets you use the selected items, can be set to use automatically or manually (press "n") (PVP and Dungeon).
  • Zoom Hack: Sets the game zoom to the desired value (PVP and Dungeon).
  • Speed Hack: Speeds up or slows down the game by the desired factor (PVP and Dungeon).
  • No Fall: Prevents your character from falling while in the air (PVP and Dungeon).
  • Air Spell: Lets you use skills while in the air (PVP and Dungeon).
  • Stage Switcher: Will automatically jump dungeon stages until you reach the boss, the value is the time in seconds to stay in each stage (Dungeon).
  • Combo Full: Sets your max combo to a high number to complete some tasks (Dungeon).
  • Skip Dialogs: Skips dungeon dialogs automatically (Dungeon).
  • Unlock Dungeons: Unlocks all dungeons and continents regardless of your character's level (Dungeon).
  • (EXP Hack) Monster Count: Changes the number of monsters spawned in Dimension's Door.
  • (EXP Hack) Spawn Delay: Changes the delay between monsters' spawn in Dimension's Door.
  • (EXP Hack) Monster Id: Changes the id of the monsters spawned in Dimension's Door.
  • (EXP Hack) Monster Level: Changes the level of the monsters in Dimension's Door to your character's level plus 15.

How to use

  • Before downloading, disable Windows Defender and any other antivirus software.
  • Extract the zip file you downloaded.
  • Start Grand Chase and wait until it loads to the select servers screen.
  • Run the file RedStrikers.exe as administrator.
  • Paste your key and press Enable.
  • The cheat will be ready for use, select the functions you want and play.

How to avoid being banned with EXP Hack on Grand Chase Classic

On Grand Chase Classic, using EXP Hack directly on your account, will result in it being automatically banned. To avoid this, you need to use two accounts following the method below.



2.3.4 25/08/2022

  • Fixed One Hit.
  • Fixed Mouse Fly.
  • Fixed Item Hack.
  • Fixed Air Spell.

2.3.3 24/08/2022

  • Fixed Auto Kill.

2.3.2 04/08/2022

  • Fixed One Hit.
  • Fixed (EXP Hack) Monster Level.

2.3.1 15/07/2022

  • Fixed HP Full.
  • Fixed Item Hack.

2.3.0 14/07/2022

  • Fixed (EXP Hack) Monster Level.

2.2.9 30/06/2022

  • Fixed a bug with Stage Switcher.

2.2.8 23/06/2022

  • EXP Hack fixed.

2.2.7 07/06/2022

  • Auto Kill no longer destroys the dimensional gate when used with two players.

2.2.6 03/06/2022

  • EXP Hack fixed.
  • One Hit fixed.
  • Combo Full fixed.
  • Air Spell fixed.
  • No Fall fixed.
  • Mouse Fly fixed.

2.2.5 25/05/2022

  • Added support for the Global key that unlocks all Grand Chase Trainers.

2.2.4 12/05/2022

  • Fixed (EXP Hack) Monster Level.

2.2.3 25/04/2022

  • Fixed advance time.
  • Advance time now sets the timer to 15 minutes.

2.2.2 27/03/2022

  • Fixed mouse fly.
  • Fixed no fall.
  • No fall is now in the pvp hacks tab.

2.2.1 10/03/2022

  • VP Hack removed.
  • (EXP Hack) Monster Level fixed.
  • Auto Loot fixed.

2.2.0 09/03/2022

  • VP Hack added.

2.1.0 03/03/2022

  • EXP Hack changed, no longer has to install anything.
  • Added Unlock Dungeons function.
  • All previous EXP Hack functionality has been added as individual functions.

2.0.0 09/02/2022

  • Fixed No Fall.
  • Added EXP Hack.

1.9.8 14/01/2022

  • Fixed Auto destroying the dimensional gate.
  • Fixed Mouse Fly
  • Fixed Air Spell
  • Fixed One Hit

1.9.7 13/01/2022

  • Fixed Auto Kill (Tested until Ellia, if it fails on any dungeon, report to me on telegram).

1.9.6 13/01/2022

  • Fixed Auto Kill.

1.9.5 12/11/2021

  • Fixed Mouse Fly.

1.9.4 25/10/2021

  • MP Full fixed.
  • Item Hack fixed.
  • Air Spell fixed.

1.9.3 24/10/2021

  • Fixed One Hit.

1.9.2 02/10/2021

  • Fixed One Hit.

1.9.1 29/09/2021

  • Fixed Auto Kill.

1.9.0 21/09/2021

  • Added Combo Full.
  • Added Skip Dialogs.

1.8.6 11/09/2021

  • Fixed One Hit.

1.8.5 10/09/2021

  • Fixed Auto Kill.

1.8.4 08/09/2021

  • Trainer updated.

1.8.3 19/08/2021

  • Fixed Auto Kill on dimension's door and several other dungeons.
  • Speed Hack reenabled.
  • Speed Hack maximum value increased from 100 to 1000.

1.8.2 18/08/2021

  • Fixed bugs on Auto Kill
  • One Hit reenabled.

1.8.1 18/08/2021

  • Updated to work on the new Grand Chase version.
  • One Hit temporarily removed.
  • Speed Hack temporarily removed.

1.8.0 14/08/2021

  • Added air spell.
  • Added stage switcher.
  • Item hack changed to let you use items automatically and now also allows to use multiple items at the same time.
  • Fixed mouse fly transporting other characters (visual bug).

1.7.0 11/08/2021

  • Auto Kill fixed.
  • Added speed hack.
  • Added no fall.
  • Mouse fly now works while being affected by a skill delay.

1.6.0 10/08/2021

  • One hit reenabled.
  • Added the zoom hack function.

1.5.0 09/08/2021

  • Fixed several bugs with the Auto Kill function.
  • Fixed No Cooldown function.
  • Mouse Fly function now let you choose whether to move the character on click or always.
  • Added Auto Loot function.
  • Removed Item Vac function as it's useless with Auto Loot.
  • Added Advance Time function.
  • Added Loot Spawn function.
  • Added Item function.

1.4.0 07/08/2021

  • Added the mp full function.
  • Added the no cooldown function.
  • Added the mouse fly function.

1.3.0 06/08/2021

  • Added the one hit function.
  • Added the rank ss function.
  • Added the item vac function.

1.2.0 05/08/2021

  • Trainer updated but only with auto kill enabled, other functions will be added soon.

1.1.1 04/08/2021

  • Updated only to fix some bugs, no new features have been added.
    • "invalid file name" bug fixed.
    • "unknown" bug when enabling the trainer should be fixed for most users.

1.1.0 02/08/2021

  • Added one hit kill function.
  • Added SS rank function.
  • The key is saved in a text file now so you don't have to enter it everytime you run the trainer.

1.0.2 01/08/2021

  • Fixed issue with auto kill sometimes destroying the dimensional gate.

1.0.1 01/08/2021

  • Auto kill doesn't kill the dimensional gate anymore, if you want to kill it, hit it once.