Hack Borderlands 3 - Console enabler, Dumper and more

This page is about the Borderlands 3 - Console enabler, Dumper and more cheat, for the page about the loader, click here.

Borderlands 3 - Console enabler, Dumper and more

RedStrikers Loader

Purchase key and Download

  • You can either subscribe or buy a single key for one month.
  • Your key will be sent automatically to your email after completing payment.
  • You will be able to use all cheats for all games in the loader for one month.
  • Credit card or Paypal payments are supported.
  • Price: $10 USD - Valid for 1 Month

How to use

  • You might need to disable Windows Defender or other antivirus software before downloading.
  • Extract the zip file you have downloaded.
  • Run the loader as administrator.
  • Enter your key and click Enable.
  • The loader will be ready for use, select one of the available cheats and click launch.
  • Cheat Engine will be opened with the cheats loaded.
  • Run the game and wait until it fully loads.
  • On Cheat Engine, click the screen icon on the top left corner and select the game's process.
  • Everything will be ready for use, select the desired functions on Cheat Engine and play.


  • GiveCurrency a b
  • a = InventoryCategory_Money, InventoryCategory_Eridium, InventoryCategory_GoldenKey, InventoryCategory_VaultCoins, InventoryCategory_DiamondKey, InventoryCategory_MoxxiDrink
  • b = amount
  • Example: GiveCurrency InventoryCategory_Money 100 - - gives you 100 $
  • GrantLevels a: a = amount of levels
  • Example: GrantLevels 1 - - advances you to next player level
  • KillAllEnemies: Will kill all enemies within a certain radius. Haven't tested what the value of this radius is.
  • SpawnItems (a) b: a = ItemPool b = amount
  • Example #1: SpawnItems (ItemPool_Artifacts_05_Legendary) 1 - - will spawn 1 random Legendary Artifact
  • Example #2: SpawnItems (ItemPool_Artifacts_05_Legendary,ItemPool_Shields_05_Legendary) 1 - - will spawn 1 random Legendary Artifact and 1 random Legendary Shield
  • UnlockCustomizations: Unlocks everything @ QuickChange machine and Earl's Eridium shop.
  • UnlockVehicleParts: Note that these are unlocked based on player progression or current map. You might need to re-run this as you advance with the story.
  • UnlockWeaponSkins: You will now be able to change your weapon's skin to any available.
  • UnlockWeaponTrinkets: Unlocks the entire Trinkets list.
  • GiveLevels = levels you up 5 levels
  • GiveCash = adds 1.000.000 Cash
  • GiveEridium = adds 100.000 Eridium
  • GiveGoldenKeys = adds 10 Golden Keys
  • SpawnAwesomeItems = spawns items of random rarities
  • KillEnemies = kills spawned enemies with loot drop
  • UnlimitedAmmo = toggleable (meaning execute command once - unlimited ammo; execute command again - normal ammo), ignores inventory ammo, adds clip shot to single magazine
  • UnlockAllCustomizations = unlocks all customizations